one through six out of one thousand

So I wrote my very first post last night and posted it and already got 4 likes and 5 followers. Is that totally weird that I am so excited? I didn’t know anyone would ever read this. It is so incredible to be able to reach others with just a few clicks of a button.

Here begins my list of one thousand gifts.

  1. my job as a high school Spanish teacher
  2. students who stop by to say “hi”
  3. my salad from Costco with Olive Garden dressing and walnuts that I eat every day for lunch.
  4. water
  5. the silence of my classroom during lunch
  6. the chatter of students reviewing in class when I give them a topic to review

one thousand gifts main book


Where to begin counting?

How often do we go through our daily lives, hustling and bustling, checking off those cute “to-do lists” ( I always feel so accomplished when I can check off one of those little boxes), and get ourselves so wrapped up in the daily to do that we lose track of the importance of giving thanks? Are we not so incredibly blessed to even have this opportunity to share with the world our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and passions.  Isn’t the internet a haven for finding support and love for whatever struggle we might be going through.  Although, we must also be careful to avoid all of the “junk” that is out there on the internet as well.

So here I am taking a small corner of the internet to express my own thoughts and ideas, to share my heart, my struggles, my life, my vision for what I have been called to in this wonderful life. It is so easy to take things for granted and not count the gifts that we have been given.

I was inspired several years ago after reading One thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp, a beautiful gift from my sister. Ann’s writing is the most raw, honest, awe inspiring I have ever read from a person.  She draws you in, makes you feel her pain and her joy, causes you to see things from a completely different perspective than we are accustomed to.